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Buckeye STEPS = Service Transmission Exploration & Production Safety Network

Membership is open to those engaged in or supporting the Oil and Gas Exploration, Production or Transmission Industry.

The Buckeye STEPS Safety Network shall set no limit on the number of individuals that may become members, attend meetings, or participate in activities.

Active Members: An active member is one who qualifies under the membership clause and supports the STEPS Network through active participation and attendance.

Advising Member - An advising member is an employee of a governmental and/or regulatory organization that interacts with the Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, and Transmission Industry. Advising members have neither voting nor elective office privileges.

Membership Status – The Executive Board shall review membership status

Anyone interested in presenting at an upcoming Buckeye STEPS meeting is asked to contact

our Program Chair David Hartman at dhartman221@zoominternet.net

If your business would like to sponsor a broadcast please contact us at your earliest opportunity. 

The objective of The Buckeye STEPS Safety Network is to establish informative meeting forums for members of the Oil & Gas Industry and associated Governmental agencies to actively share industry safe work and recommended work practices, safety alerts and issues, educate membership, and reduce workplace injuries.

Drug Epidemic Information

The following links are to articles of interest to Buckeye STEPS members and were provided by Russell Ammons, National Account Executive of Psychemedics Corporation:

Ohio Coroner's Office running out of room because of overdose deaths

Fourteen die in Cuyahoga County this weekend from heroin and fentanyl, 70 for 2017

A Message from National STEPS Network Chairperson Rick L. Ingram

National STEPS/OSHA/NIOSH Alliance Update Oil and Gas e-Tool

The following information is from Marianne McGee, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist --

One of the projects of the National STEPS/OSHA/NIOSH Alliance is to update the OSHA Oil and Gas e-tool.  As part of this project, a module was developed and added to the e-tool on Transportation.

The Transportation module is an excellent resource of information for vehicle use in the oil and gas industry and includes modules on transporting personnel, transporting equipment, vehicle operation at the well site, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility task vehicles (UTVs) and additional resources.

I would like to thank those who participated on this project for all their hard work and dedication to the safety of America's oil and gas workers.

Kyla Retzer, NIOSH

Carrie Jordan, MJS Safety

Rod Kuntz, CalFrac

Mike Marshall, OSHA

Tiffany Rice, West Virginia University

Stan Smith, OSHA